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This piece captures a lot of my fitness philosophy as well as my day-to-day strategies I use to stay in incredible shape year-round.

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The four universal forms of meditation: Why Sitting isn't the only way to meditate

I believe there is a form of meditation for everyone, you just have to take the time to explore the various forms until you find one that fits. This piece explores the four universal forms of meditation found among all of the world's civilizations & cultures.


Facing financial shame: HOw I overcame some serious money darkness

Despite being fairly bright I managed to put myself in some deep money shit. This is my personal finance recovery story with lessons, steps & strategies for anyone who has ever had financial challenges.


rebel with a cause: How to face internal & external expectations & build good habits when you resist everything

This is a guide I put together on how to motivate yourself & others to meet expectations, goals, build habits & answer pretty much any demand life throws at you. It's written from standpoint of someone who literally resists everything good & bad from oneself & others.


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