Welcome! Are you ready to Alchemize Life?

Welcome! Are you ready to Alchemize Life?

Get Alchemized


  • It is for people who want to consciously & proactively alchemize their life for the better.
  • It is for people who are ready to take 100% response-ability for their life.
  • It is for people who believe in the infinite possibilities of living a life worth living for (or at least have a deep desire to believe this).
  • It is for people for who are into ongoing healing, growth & transformation.
  • It is for those who have "Growth Mindsets" and/or strongly desire to practice living life with one.


  • It is not for people who are unwilling to put in the work to undergo positive transformation.
  • It is not for the lazy & resigned.
  • It is not for the negative, cynical or those that would be considered to be killjoys.
  • It is not for people who are doing it because someone else told them to or mandated that they do it.
  • It is not for those who are trying to find a magic pill or get rich quick scheme.
  • It is not for "Fixed Mindsets".



Read the Alchemize Life Manifesto.

For the aspiring hardcore Life Alchemist you can try reading everything your favorite Life Alchemist has ever written. It will act as a catalyst for transforming your life for the better.

This reading program is only for the Life Alchemists who are truly seriously about “Living A Life Worth Living For”.

Start with the first article and then use the link “Newer Post” at the very bottom of each article.

Repeat this process until there are no more newer posts left.

If listening/viewing is more your style I catalogue my recorded Live Videos. You can listen to these as you drive around and perform errands. Or watch them during your cardio sessions, bathroom breaks, couch-sessions, etc.

For the super hardcore Life Alchemists you can read & listen/watch everything I've ever produced. This will without a doubt cause a Life Transformation for the better!

Once you are caught up feel free to tune in to my Instagram, Facebook & Twitter where I post fairly frequently, go Live & share various parts of my ever Alchemizing Life all with the aim of Empowering People To Transform & Self-Actualize.

And seriously, you don’t have to read all my blog posts or listen/watch to all my videos in any particular order to tune into the more active & real-time related social channels of mine. I’m here for you online in whatever way you are most attracted to.

Browse through my articles & videos randomly, picking & choosing whichever ones pique your interest if that's more your speed & style. Here is a list of all my articles and here is where I log all my videos.

Only want to read what the Gods of The Interwebs have deemed popular? Here are my most popular articles thus far.

Or if you are more the interactive, social & lively type feel free to connect with me online in real time, leave me comments on an old or new blog post, Instagram post, Twitter tweet, Facebook post, etc.

You are also welcome to sign up for the Alchemize Life Newsletter (ALN) which always packs a massive punch of transformation. In addition to subrscribing to my social feeds this is a good way to proactively program your environment to feed you life catalyzing fuel. We are a product of our environment and we are what we consume... So design your environment thoughtfully & consume with powerful intention!

Together we Alchemize Life so much faster and have so much more fun doing it together!