Alchemize Life Manifesto

Why "Alchemize Life" . . ?

Alchemize Life is a public declaration of the intent of this platform and all that is contained within it or has any relation to it.

The purpose of Alchemize Life is:

To empower people & organizations to transform & self-actualize.

The definition of "alchemize" or "alchemy" used within the context here is:

The seemingly magical process of combination, creation, and/or transformation.

At its core everything here is related to creative transformation. This includes mind, emotion, body, & spirit. It spans all areas of LIFE -- relationships, business & entrepreneurship, personal & professional development, leadership, education & learning, habits, creativity, spirituality, lifestyle design, health & fitness, fashion & style etc.

In my own life I have discovered two important related themes that I return to again & again:

  1. Through sharing we act as way-showers and lantern-bearers for one another. This is an infinite never-ending dynamic exchange that is unbound from time. I've unfolded my own self-knowing and apotheosis through learning, modeling & contrasting with living and dead teachers of all forms (authors, speakers, teachers, mentors, family, friends, colleagues, etc.). Through sharing we are able to undergo greater, deeper, and more rapid degrees self-discovery and personal evolution.
  2. We all have something to learn from everyone we encounter. And we all have something to teach others. What you teach is teaching you.  As you teach so will you learn. This is an unending cycle. Furthermore, if you can teach it then you have truly begun integration and are in the process of developing mastery (another unending energetic investment cycle).

The mission of Alchemize Life is to serve as a model, bridge, catalyst or spark in the discovery of one's own power to combine, create, and transform.

A key distinction is that this is a platform dedicated to SERVICE not help. This distinction is based upon the guiding principle:

The Ego wants to help, but the Soul wants to serve.

To further explicate, what I mean here is that I can't help anyone except myself. The same holds true for you. You are the only person who can help yourself. Sure, someone or something can act as a model, bridge or catalyst to your self-helping, but ultimately it is through your own action in your own life that anything changes and transforms in a positive way.

Most (if not all) of the knowledge here has been gleaned from others (the greats and the unknown) and metabolized through my own perception and life experience.

Often we must learn the same thing many times in many ways before it finally clicks. Finally, it resonates and we put it into action. I know this has been true for me countless times.

It is my aim, hope, and desire that the way in which I share, model, and contrast knowledge connects with you in a way that serves the unlocking of your personal power.

But remember! Knowledge and knowing is not power. Knowledge and knowing is “potential” power.

Which leads to the next important point which is . . . ACTION!  

The reason the verb form "alchemize" was chosen is to always remind the audience (and myself) that is only through action that anything of true value is ever created.

Alchemize Life is a testament to transformation & service in action. 

Consider "Alchemize Life" a source of fuel that you can use in your own life-engine to create positive transformation.

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl 🌒

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