ALN1: Do or do not. There is no try.

Greetings my fellow Alchemists!

Here are 9 things I thought were worthy* to share:

*worthy defined as having the potential to alchemize/transform your life in some positive way if you take action on it.

1. Spring is here & summer is around the corner. Here is my free fitness guide with all the strategies I use to stay in amazing shape year round. 💪🏼

2. Want more energy & confidence? Read this.

3. The key to getting things done is knowing how your particular personality is motivated & handles external & internal expectations. I discovered a simple personality quiz that takes less than 5 minutes that helped me deeply understand why I resist everything (good & bad).

4. My most popular Instagram post in the last month. Fair warning. Not everyone is ready for it. 

5. My current favorite tool/toy... a foot-roller & porcupine ball! I use these in the morning to roll out my feet & it seems to magically put me in the best mood ever!

6. Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins. A book I'm re-reading for awesome personal growth & development. I first read this as a teenager. Reading just a few pages in the morning lights me on fire! 🔥

7. Why there is so much more than just seated meditation.

8. An awesome & hilarious short read about improving your public speaking skills by one of my favorite bloggers/podcasters--James Altucher.

9. My biggest recent learning: Give others what you want. I've been wanting my creative work recognized & shared. I finally started doing that with the authors/bloggers/podcasters I love & admire and lo & behold... My blog is suddenly getting massive traction! I am a slow learner sometimes. On that note these three people are my mentors & catalysts to finally starting a newsletter: Tim FerrissNoah Kagan & Austin Kleon! Thanks guys! I basically stole like an artist your newsletter format & alchemized it into my own...😜

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In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl 🌒

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