How To Find Your Twin Flame 🔥 🔥

Want to transform your life & find "the one"?

You know which one. The one you think will make your life complete. The one you dream of spending the rest of your life with.

Before you can truly find & deeply know "the one" you must . . .

FIRST: learn to love, approve of & accept yourself.

This is a practice you will have to build & invest in throughout your entire life.

It is not something you get to do once & then it magically continues to work on its own.

That would be like working out at the gym & eating healthfully for one day and expecting to be fit & healthy for the rest of the year.

Anything worth having takes continuous energetic investment.

Once you have a healthy level of self love, approval & acceptance open yourself to a partner that calls forth the highest vision that lives deep within your heart & Spirit.

This is a secret to radically hypergrowth your own apotheosis.

Alone we can be strong, grow, heal & transform.

But together we get to do it at an even faster clip.

And with another we get to be VULNERABLE.

This is where true power to transform lies.

It is the magical dark & scary cavern that holds the greatest of treasures.

And if we have the courage to face & embrace our inner darkness...

Truly profound & permanent healing, positive change & transformation becomes available.

Rarely can this journey be done alone.

We live, grow, heal & transform through the PEOPLE in our lives.

It is through #vulnerability with others that we get to access our deepest capacity to self-heal.

Plus, we get to learn how to powerfully be there for another even when it isn't easy & convenient.

This alone builds incredible character and reinforces our own ability to love & accept ourself even when it is incredibly difficult.

By being vulnerable you give others PERMISSION to do the same.

And in that shared safe-space the fire of transformation is lovingly ablaze.

This is who I share my Spirit-Fire with.

I call her my Priestess & my Phoenix.

She is both my heart-fire & the Goddess who beckons me powerfully forth along my HIGHEST PATH in life.

I had to learn to love myself before I could truly SEE her.

But when I did she blossomed in my life like lighting & I've been radically transformed for the better ever since.

For HER. I am forever & deeply grateful.

Have you learned to love, approve of & accept yourself?

If not, do not expect to find lasting solace in another.

Alchemical Resources:

  • "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay. This is the book that I used as a guide to learn how to truly love myself. It changed my life. Get the gift edition with colorful pictures -- I swear they heal your inner child as you view them.
  • Here is a video-blog where I get vulnerable and go deep into how I discovered my Twin Flame by learning to love myself:

Alchemical Opportunity for the Reader:

  1. Develop your own daily practice of self-love. Make it easy. And make it the first thing you do upon waking. Here is what I do:
    1. Stand in front of the mirror.
    2. Look myself in the eye.
    3. And say: "I love myself. I approve of myself. I accept myself. I am grateful for myself."
    4. Special note: This simple self-love practice seems easy enough, but don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling ashamed, stupid, foolish, crying & other darker emotions. I had to persistently say these affirmations daily for several months & work through a lot of self-hate & self-cruelty before I could powerfully make these statements and actually believe them without crying or wanting to ridicule myself. In short, be prepared for your "stuff" to come up as you do these standing in-the-mirror affirmations.
  2. Have some other awesome self-love practices, rituals, & habits? Share them in the comments below so others can benefit from the powerful work you have done in your life! 💓 Together we heal & alchemize so much faster! 🙌🏼

We must love ourselves first before we can TRULY love another.

Start with your own heart.

Then the Universe will deliver another that beats in synchronicity with your own creating the most beautiful harmony that is so much greater than the sum of the two parts.

This is how you DISCOVER your #TwinFlame.🔥🔥

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl 🌒


Photo by  Noelle  | Socks & Briefs by  Related Garments

Photo by Noelle | Socks & Briefs by Related Garments