Alchemical Opportunity

What is an "Alchemical Opportunity" . . . ?

In short, it is an opportunity to undergo transformation should you choose to accept it.

The guiding tenet is that everything in life, every experience, is an opportunity for healing, growth, and transformation if we choose to harness the energy and empower it to alchemize us.

This is especially powerful when used with any form of discomfort, fear, anxiety, self-oppression, breakdown, mistake, failure, etc.

It can be big or small. It can be a positive, neutral, or negative experience.  But it really comes in handy when it “appears” to be a negative experience.

One of the main keys is training & ingraining the paradigm that negative emotions, mistakes, failures, setbacks, breakdowns, miscommunications, etc are all AWESOME ALCHEMICAL OPPORTUNITIES that lead to healing, growth, & transformation.

Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
— Napoleon Hill


The other crucial point is "choosing". If you do not consciously choose the experience you cannot benefit from it. There is an infamous quote often circulated within the world of transformation & personal development work that elucidates this concept. That quote is, "What you resist, persists."

Ever wonder why despite your best efforts to avoid the same issue it keeps coming back to haunt you?

Once you face it and embrace it then its power becomes available.

With this principle in mind you can flip through the infinite facets of your diamond mind until you discover a view that leaves you touched, moved, enlivened, and inspired.

Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs when you choose to mine the darkness for gold.

And once the experience is harnessed you will be FREE.

Give yourself the gift of Alchemical Opportunities as they arise in your life.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to gracefully acknowledge alchemical opportunities in whatever form they appear. I choose to embrace the experience. I choose to harness the experience to transform me in positive ways.

In alchemy & service,

Justin David Carl 🌒